Eco-friendly Conferencing

We wish to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability & in lowering carbon footprints. Some event greening practices will be integrated into various aspects of the event planning process to address environmental, social and economic impacts.


Electronic event registration

Lanyards made from recycled materials  (Participants return at event close).

 Post-consumer recycled /chlorine free paper and vegetable-based inks for badges



Providing hybrid shuttle service/taxi drivers trained with environmentally responsible driving practices for invited guests 

Proximity of meeting venue to function and accommodation suppliers. 


Food and Beverage

Organic, fairly traded coffee and tea on offer

Leftover food donated to local charities (if health and safety regulations allow)

Seafood served is harvested responsibly

Locally produced food and beverage – minimise transportation emissions

Eliminate / reduce disposables – cutlery, crockery, containers

A recycling program for glass, metals, plastic and paper.

Refillable/ reusable water bottles onsite 


Provide exhibitors with guidance on sustainable design and construct of exhibit booths

Encourage exhibitors to not give out carbon greedy material

End-of-show take-back and recycling program


Marketing and Communications

Electronic or paperless communication – via website, e bulletins , print materials (soft copy)

Sustainable printing guidelines

Online access to calculator

Conference ECO Bags


Delegates are encouraged to play a positive role

Make use of public transport

Carpool if able

Measure carbon footprint of flights and long distance travel & purchase a carbon offset online

Make a carbon footprint donation (optional as part of registration process). Post conference donation funds will be transferred to a selected project.


Conserve electricity in hotels