Foundation and Bridging Educators New Zealand Conference
CQ Hotel Wellington 29 - 30 November
'Inspiring Success - Transforming the Student Experience'


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Marguerite Westacott
Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Pedagogy
University of the Sunshine Coast

Marguerite Westacott is an early-career academic and an associate lecturer in USC's Preparatory and Enabling unit. She has previously worked in a variety of diverse educational settings in a number of roles: teaching, leadership, counselling, consulting, curriculum development and governance. She has also worked and continues to volunteer in the community sector. The majority of Marguerite's experience of teaching in schools, was in alternative education settings. Marguerite holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts, a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), a Master of Educational Studies (Guidance and Counselling) and a Master of Mental Health (Art Therapy). She is a member of the NAEEA Mental Health Special Interest Group and project leader of the TPP Mental Health Initiative at USC. Marguerite is also a member of the GELO Project team.

The mental health and wellbeing of students is a topical issue. In September this year Universities Australia committed to a national framework for enhancing student mental wellbeing and identified universities as settings for early intervention and prevention. As educators we witness that students who are psychologically well and emotionally aware are more likely to achieve academically. Mental wellbeing contributes to students developing a sense of belonging to their university community, completing their study goals, and successfully securing employment beyond graduation (Andrews, 2016; Stallman, 2008; Orygen, 2017, Orygen, 2018). Addressing the mental health and wellbeing of students at policy, service, curricula, psychoeducational and community levels enables the building of culture by emphasising particular beliefs, values and acceptable behaviours, while dissuading others. Creating a culture that addresses broad health and wellbeing determinants, rather than treating health as "the absence of disease" (World Health Organisation, 1946), signifies a compassionate and transformative approach to higher education while building social capital throughout campuses and the community.

This interactive forum will facilitate the opportunity for participants to share their professional experience, discuss the issues they face and exchange proactive and reactive strategies that they use to support the mental health and wellbeing of students and staff. The forum will encourage collegial exchange of the expertise and diverse experiences of the FABENZ participants; and take advantage of this opportunity to broaden our knowledge of approaches taken at the institutions represented by the conference delegates.  

Welby Ings
Professor, School of Art and Design
Auckland University of Technology

Professor Welby Ing's contribution to understanding and implementing change in education is exceptional and well described in the title of his book Disobedient Teaching. In his presentation, Welby will challenge our ways of thinking about education, creativity and notions of the role of conventions.

Welby Ings is a professor in design at Auckland University of Technology. He is an elected Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts and a consultant to many international organizations on issues of creativity and learning. He is also an award-winning academic, designer, filmmaker and playwright. But until the age of 15 Welby could neither read nor write. He was considered 'slow' at school and he was eventually expelled. Later he was suspended from teachers' college. Welby has taught at all levels of the New Zealand education system and remains an outspoken critic of the education system's 'obsession' with assessing performance. In 2001 he was awarded the Prime Minister's inaugural Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence.

Professor Ings' interest in film as a means of story-telling and social change has seen his three short films Boy, Munted and Sparrow selected for numerous international film festivals including Berlin and Cannes. Boy was shortlisted for the 2006 Academy Awards. This year he was appointed by the Minister of Education to the Guardian's Group overseeing education reform in New Zealand.

Welby Ings is the author of Disobedient Teaching Surviving and Creating Change in Education, Otago University Press.
Ako Aotearoa
A new way forward - building adult literacy, numeracy and cultural capability in Aotearoa's foundation sector.

As part of our works in Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Cultural Capability (ALNACC), commissioned by the Tertiary Education Commission in early 2018, Ako Aotearoa has developed new models and frameworks for the capability building of practitioners and organisations in foundation education. These provide a cohesive approach to how the sector can better support adult learners. 

We are excited to launch this package at the Foundation and Bridging Education New Zealand conference on Friday 30 November. 

The package includes:
- The Foundation Learning Professional Standards Framework - Tapatoru
- The Capability Building Model, and
- The ALN Effective Practice Model



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