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The Conference for General Practice 2018 was endorsed by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) and was approved for up to 15.48 CME credits for General Practice Educational Programme Year 2 and 3 (GPEP2) and Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) purposes.  The Quality Symposium 2018 was endorsed by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) and was approved for up to 6 CME credits for General Practice Educational Programme Year 2 and 3 (GPEP2) and Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) purposes.  

Thursday 26 July 2018

Quality Symposium - One team, in pursuit of excellence

0900 - 0910

Mihi Whakatau
Tengaruru Wi-Neera

Dr John Wellingham - FRNZCGP (Dist.)

0910 - 0940 Keynote: Why bother? Reflections on aspiring to quality in a busy world
Prof Amanda Howe, President, World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA)
0940 - 1015 Increasing success - removing barriers to your primary care improvement initiatives
Jane Cullen, Health Quality and Safety Commission, John Kristiansen Health Quality and Safety Commission
1015 - 1035 Implementing different models of care for the elderly in general practice
Dr Di North FRNZCGP, Michal Boyd, University of Auckland
1035 - 1055 Morning Tea
1055 - 1125 Harm event detection: How can we reduce high risk of harm events happening in New Zealand primary care?
Helmut Modlik, Patients First
1125 - 1155 Capturing information for improving clinical audit activities
Dr Sab Bandyopadhyay, Medtech Global
1155 - 1240 Health Care Home (HCH) Model of Care - Advancing Primary Care
Andrew Miller FRNZCGP, HCH National Collaborative, John Macaskill-Smith, Pinnacle Ventures
1240 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1430 CORNERSTONE ® and Aiming for Excellence review simplification project workshop
Helen Morgan-Banda, RNZCGP, Bernadette Cornor, RNZCGP
1430 - 1500 The national primary care patient experience survey: what are patients saying and how can this be used to improve quality
Catherine Gerard, Health Quality and Safety Commission, Jane Cullen, Health Quality and Safety Commission
1500 - 1530 Whakakotahi - "to be as one" The Health and Safety Commission partnering with primary care for quality improvement
John Kristiansen, Health Quality and Safety Commission, Carmela Petagna, Health Quality & Safety Commission, Angela Boswell, Synergia, Sandy Bhawan, Catherine Proffitt, PHARMAC
1530 - 1600 Safety in Practice - From Safety comes quality improvement
Dr Vikas Sethi FRNZCGP, CMDHB, Dr Campbell Brebner FRNZCGP, CMDHB, Ian Hutchby, Ko Awatea
1600 - 1620 Afternoon Tea
1620 - 1720

Concurrent session

Workshop One

CORNERSTONE ® or Millstone
Dr Alan Broom FRNZCGP, Dr Greg Judkins FRNZCGP, Balmoral Doctors

The Lofty Mountain: One practice's experiences in the pursuit of excellence
Robin Macandrew, The Terrace Medical Centre
Workshop Two

Safer Systems in General Practice - Results Handling and Medicines Reconciliation Workshop
Dr Lisa Eskildsen FRNZCGP, WDHB and ADHB's Eleri Clissold, WDHB
1720 - 1730 That's a Wrap
Dr John Wellingham FRNZCGP (Dist.)
1730 - 1930 Welcome Reception
Kindly sponsored by Green Cross Health

Friday 27 July 2018

One practice team, built on creativity and leadership 

Day one

0830 - 0900

Whakatau - Opening ceremony

0900 - 0915
Dr Tim Malloy, FRNZCGP – President RNZCGP
0915 - 1000
Keynote:  Achieving Health Equity:  Tools for addressing racism and other systems of structured inequity
Dr Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, former President of the American Public Health Association; Research Director for Social Determinants of Health and Equity, US Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Kindly sponsored by Ministry of Health
1000 - 1030 Morning tea amongst exhibition
1030 - 1110
Hon David Clark, Minister of Health

1115 - 1215

Concurrent session 1

1a Equity

Auckland City Mission: a perspective on poverty and equity
Chris Farrelly

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
Dr Lance O'Sullivan, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
1b Enhanced Primary Care

Holistic outreach at Hauraki. After 3 years, has the Hauraki PHO outreach programme delivered
Dr Wendy Carroll 

The Colville Project: A vision for a multi-purpose wellbeing and education facility in northern Coromandel
Dr Kate Armstrong
1c The GP Workforce

New Zealand General Practitioners: The Countdown to Retirement 
Frances Townsend

How much bullying goes on in primary care?
Dr Sam Murton, FRNZCGP (Dist.) / Emma Wicks
1d Clinical

HARC- Human Antimicrobial Resistance Committee
Dr David Holland / Dr Bryan Betty, FRNZCGP / Dr Annie Judkins, FRNZCGP
1e Clinical – Sexual and Reproductive Health

Menopause ... and sex
Dr Megan Bailey, FRNZCGP

Maternal Mortality in NZ from complications of early pregnancy
Dr Sue Belgrave

Men's Health – A Warrant of Fitness
Dr Megan Bailey, FRNZCGP
1f Practical

Sports concussion workshop - The New RugbySmart: Expanding from Coach and Referee Education to Players, Health Care Providers and the Wider Rugby Community
Danielle Salmon, Ian Murphy, Natalie Hardaker
1215 - 1320 Lunch amongst exhibition
  • Rural GPs Chapter AGM
  • Registrars' and Associates in Practice Chapter AGM (Registrar's Chapter)

1320 - 1500

Concurrent session 2

2a Equity

Collaborating across the health system to improve equity in Counties Manukau: Sharing our approach and lessons learned participating in the Health Equity Campaign
Dr Sue Tutty, FRNZCGP / Cindy Blackwell / Tracey Popham / Nick Price, Ko Awatea, Counties Manukau Health
2b Enhanced Primary Care

What works in primary care quality improvement?
Jane Cullen

Conversations with Green Prescription
Dr Felicity Williamson

Whānau wellness programme for management of obese 0-5-year olds in Tauranga Moana 
Jennie Verstappen

The Health Coaching Teamlet
Nicholas Cao / Leona Didsbury
2c Workforce

How does practice size and location affect patient care?
Dr Sharon Leitch, FRNZCGP

Who said there's no I in team?
Dr Samantha King

Working Together to provide a regional urgent care service
Dr Neil Whittaker, FRNZCGP, Andrea Chapman, Bridget Wild
2d Clinical – Mental Health

Metabolic monitoring report is live: An annual physical health review has been made a priority for every person prescribed antipsychotic medication. 
A/Prof Lynn McBain, FRNZCGP (Dist.) 

Equally Well: Together we are making a difference
Taimi Allan

Life on Hold – Waiting to get well
Brenda Keating
2e The Bigger Picture

Choosing wisely: Avoiding low value and inappropriate clinical interventions, and having well-informed conversations about treatment options
Dr Derek Sherwood

Future of Health in NZ, i.e. tomorrow
Stephen Child

Future of Tele-Health NZ, i.e. tomorrow
Craig Lett
2f Practical

Workshop on focused acceptance and commitment therapy (FACT) for improving both physical and mental health
Professor Bruce Arroll, FRNZCGP (Dist).

Plant-based nutrition as a therapeutic intervention 
Dr Martyn Williamson, FRNZCGP, Dr Nick Wright, Morgen Smith
1500 - 1530 Afternoon tea amongst exhibition

1530 - 1640

Concurrent session 3

3a Equity

Health Equity in 2018 and beyond
Kiri Rikihana

Equity in Health Outcomes
Alison Thom

Indigenous and Minority Groups Health Issues – my 10-year journey: a WONCA perspective
Dr Tāne Taylor, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
3b Enhanced Primary Care - Technology

Living in Interesting Times: supporting clinical teams to adopt/adapt and thrive with new technology enablers
Dr Rose Laing, FRNZCGP

Digital tools, programmes and apps for general practice teams
Dr Janine Bycroft, FRNZCGP

Cell phone and technology use in the elderly
Astrid Atlas
3c Workforce

Workshop on self-care for health professionals 
Dr Caroline Christie, FRNZCGP
3d Clinical – Mental Health

Maternal mortality in New Zealand from suicide
Dr Liz McDonald

Do current tools under-predict CVD in mental illness?
Ruth Cunningham

Digital self-management of mental health
Dr Chris Masters, FRNZCGP
3e The Bigger Picture

Identifying patients at risk of harm events
Helmut Modlik

ED use by patients in a large suburban practice
Nikhilesh Todkari
3f Practical

Workshop on LARC insertions (Jadelle and IUD)
Dr Sue Tutty, FRNZCGP
1645-1730 Panel: How can equity become something we do every day 
Dr Camara Jones
Chris Farrelly
Dr Matire Harwood
1730 - 1930 Evening presentation: "You don't have to be on fire to be a fireman, the life of an Intelligence officer" Brigadier Ben Kite OBE, Commander of UK Joint Force Intelligence Group

This function will follow the last session of the day and provide delegates with a light meal, drinks and a presentation by Brigadier Ben Kite

Saturday 28 July 2018

One practice team, built on creativity and leadership 

Day two

0745 - 0845 GPEP Breakfast, Greg Judkins Poetry Prize

0900 - 0945

Keynote: Gender, geography and general practice - a global view on making health care more equitable
Prof Amanda Howe, President, World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA)
Kindly sponsored by Health Promotion Agency

0950 - 1015 Celebrating a decade of the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine and presentation of the Eric Elder Medal
1015 - 1045 Morning tea amongst exhibition
1045 - 1130 Keynote: A Defence Force leader's view of leadership and its application to general practice teams
Brigadier Ben Kite
Kindly sponsored by Northland, Auckland and Waikato / Bay of Plenty Faculties 
1130 - 1230 Panel: Leadership challenges in primary care
Prof Amanda Howe
Grant Bai
Brigadier Ben Kite
Te Puea Winiata
Stephen Child
Justin Vaughan
Kindly sponsored by Green Cross Health
1230 - 1330 Lunch amongst exhibition
RNZCGP AGM - 1245 – 1400

1330 - 1520

Concurrent session 4

4a RNZCGP AGM overflow

1420 - 1520
Communication while caring for migrants and refugees
Dr Hernando Sandoval Rodriguez
4b Enhanced Primary Care – the role of leadership

Who should you have at the practice leadership table?
Andrea Stringfield

Multidisciplinary governance in a leadership organisation
Sharon Hansen

Secrets of successful medical partnerships
Leicester Gouwland

Celebrating 10 years of the Journal of Primary Health Care
Dr Sue Dovey, FRNZCGP (Hon.)
 4c Clinical

Alcohol in General Practice: opening the can of worms
Dr John Mcmenamin, FRNZCGP (Dist.)

Patient education on substance-impaired driving 
Anne Dowden

Hepatitis C Treatment in general practice: Viekira Pak funding
Dr Bryan Betty, FRNZCGP
 4d Clinical - cardio

Do polypills help patients meet cardiology guideline targets?
Prof Bruce Arroll, FRNZCGP (Dist.)

Accelerated Chest Pain Diagnostic Pathway in rural practices
Tim Norman

Living better for longer after a heart attack
Dr Elizabeth Wood, FRNZCGP

Histories of Chest Pain: the clinical record co-produced by rural practice team members
Trevor Lloyd, FRNZCGP
4e Clinical – medicinal cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis - how to prescribe; dose variability; affordability
Graham Gulbransen, FRNZCGP

The human endocannabinoid system and medicinal cannabis
Dr Ben Jansen
4f Practical

Workshop on health coaching: practice skills and learn models
Leona Didsbury / Nicholas Cao

High-tech imaging: Workshop
Dr Mark Arbuckle, Dr Margaret Macky 
1520 - 1550 Afternoon tea amongst exhibition

1550 - 1630

Concurrent session 5

5a Fellowship Ceremony Rehearsal
5b Enhanced Primary Care - pharmacy

The Ten Prescribing Pharmacists in Primary Care: they're practically pioneers
Linda Bryant

Scoping the 'Doctor Bypass' programme to improve gout management
Prof Bruce Arroll, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
5c Equity

Invasive pneumococcal disease in Auckland
Dr Edwin Reynolds

Ethnicity audit tool
Sue Crengle, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
5d The Bigger Picture

Building Capacity and Capability for Quality Improvement and System Integration - The System Level Measures Framework
Peter Jones
5e Clinical

Improving the care of older people living in Waitematā
Dr Diana North, FRNZCGP / Michael Boyd
5f Practical

Cellulitis and other important antibiotic issues
A/Prof Mark Thomas

1640 - 1730

Concurrent session 6

6a Fellowship Ceremony Rehearsal
6b Enhanced Primary Care

The Newtown Union Health Service multi-disciplinary team approach to chronic care
Dr Vivienne Coppell, FRNZCGP

Experience with Psychiatrist phone advice for primary care
Sheryl Jury
6c Equity

Is the 'Quit or die' smoke free approach making inequity worse?
Rosemary Bruce

Patients with long-term disability: navigating complex health needs
Amy Hogan
6d Clinical - youth

Youth appropriate consultations
Dr Fionna Bell

Youthchat versus Heeadsss Assessment: A counter-balanced randomised trial
Dr Felicity Goodyear-Smith, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
6e Clinical

Common Eye Problems
Shenton Chew

Patient centric approach to advance care planning
Karlynne Earp / Sanjeewa Samaraweera / Sangeeta Shah
6f Practical

Minor Surgery
Dr Sam Murton, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
1730 - 1900 Fellowship and Awards Ceremony
1900 - 2030 Celebration Function

Sunday 29 July 2018

One practice team, built on creativity and leadership 

Day three

0900 - 1020

Concurrent session 7

7a Equity

A workshop on cultural competence for Pacific People
Dr Debbie Ryan

New Model for Primary Mental Health
Johnny O'Connell

7b Enhanced Primary Care

The challenges of achieving improved outcomes at scale
Dr Allan Moffitt, FRNZCGP

The inherent dysfunction in our health system leads to suffocation of creativity - how can we overcome this?
Dr David Hill, FRNZCGP

Patients' experience of surgical mesh complications: the first statistically documented review
Patricia Sullivan

7c Clinical

An emotional approach to the consult
Dr Jeremy Baker, FRNZCGP

7d Clinical

Advance care planning: approaches to implementation in general practice 
Jane Goodwin

Recurrent angioedema
Dr Anthony Jordan

7e Clinical

Wellbeing Prescribing Toolkit
Liza Lack, FRNZCGP (Dist.) / Sarah O'Connor

Treatment Safety: an overview of ACC's treatment safety initiatives for general practice
Nick Kendall

7f Practical

Minor Surgery
Dr Sam Murton, FRNZCGP (Dist.)

1020 - 1100 Brunch amongst industry exhibition
1100 - 1120 Peter Anyon Address (GPEP)
Martin Mikaere

1125 - 1225

Concurrent session 8

8a Equity

Palliative care for whānau workshop
Dr Tess Moeke-Maxwell / Drritima, FRNZCGP

8b Nature of General Practice

Three years on: the NZ-Cook Islands collaborative GP Fellowship programme
Dr Teariki Puni
8c Clinical

Panel: HDC complaint - A learning opportunity? Cope and keep caring
Kevin Morris / Meenal Duggal / Bill Manning / Dr David Maplesden, FRNZCGP / Dr Richard Hulme, FRNZCGP (Dist.)
8d Clinical

Workshop: Changing the focus of peer group discussions from disease-management to professional and other challenges
Dr John Barton, FRNZCGP / Dr Hamish Wilson, FRNZCGP

8e Clinical - cancer

Improving cancer diagnosis in general practice, especially in hard-to-reach groups workshop
Ross Lawrenson

Mercy Ascot One Stop Neck Lump Clinic
Rajan Patel

8f Practical

All things Dermatology
Dr Aravind Chandran

Optimising topical skin cancer treatment
Dr Franz Strydom, FRNZCGP

1230 - 1300

Plenary: The Wahakura Lens
David Tīpene-Leach FRNZCGP (Dist.)

1305 - 1315 Conference Closing

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