Workshop Speakers

(in order by programme date / time)

Safe Practice in a Diverse World

Friday 9 September | 11.00am & 12.00pm (repeats)

  • This workshop will cover general medico legal issues which affect medical practice in New Zealand including:
  • Chaperones and interpreters – who, when and why?
  • Children's care in complex families – privacy issues
  • The patient portal – what are the risks
  • Dealing with difficult patients and setting appropriate boundaries

Kindly brought to you by Medical Protection

Dr Lucy Gibberd

Dr Lucy Gibberds a Taranaki GP who has been a partner in her practice for 14 years.

She joined MPS as a Medicolegal Adviser in 2015, having previously worked for the RNZCGP as a Medical Educator.

Dr Gibberd is one of a small team of doctors assisting MPS members with medicolegal issues arising from their practice.
Having trained in the UK, she has been here since 1991 and now feels like she is just about a Kiwi.

Outside work she and her husband are busy with 3 teenagers and enjoy getting outdoors, tramping, skiing and other activities.

Dr Zarko Kamenica

Dr Zarko Kamenica is a Psychiatrist and has lived in New Zealand since 1995.  

He is a former Clinical Director and Director of Area Mental Health for Wairarapa and has been with MPS since 2013.
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Having those difficult HR conversations

Friday 9 September | 11.00am

This workshop will focus on two key areas:

1) The art of quick fire corrective feedback 

2) Having those difficult formal HR conversations

Your staff can be your most valuable asset – their success can greatly depend on how well they fit your practice culture and how well you enable them to be star performers.  This interactive workshop will give you tips on enabling positive attributes to shine and how to provide corrective feedback to stem negative behaviours and attitudes that don't fit your culture.

Do you dread heading your formal performance or disciplinary meetings? We all do!  It is not unusual to spend 80% of time spent preparing for a meeting and only 20% doing. In this session we will workshop how to prepare for the meeting and provide tips on how to handle the difficult interactions that may occur.

Having those difficult conversations - Chris Wills.pdf

Kindly brought to you by Medical Assurance Society

Chris Wills

Chris Wills is a Business Adviser at MAS.  With over 20 years experience in general practice administration and management in the Wairarapa, Chris moved to Wellington in 2004 to a practice liaison role providing support to over 100 general practices in the lower North Island.

In 2008 Chris joined the MAS Business Advisory Service where her principle role is to advise Members on business issues in conjunction with the HealthyPractice® support service.  Her activities include running training seminars on a variety of HR and business related topics throughout the country.


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National Innovations for General Practice – Rolling out Patient Portals and the NZ ePrescription Service

Friday 9 September | 11.00am

Patient portals are a major step toward providing people with access to their personal health information and enabling them to be more responsible for their own health. Portals are about sharing information securely and are a primary care innovation that the Ministry of Health has been promoting since 2013.

As at March 2016, over 136,000 patients are registered to use patient portals from over 330 general practices offering the service. In this session, the Ministry will share the steps they've taken to get to this point and where uptake is currently. The presentation will cover feedback and insights from practices and patients, the benefits to practices and patients and the future potential of portals.

On the other hand, the New Zealand ePrescription Service (NZePS) sends patients' prescriptions to pharmacies electronically and allows the exchange of dispensing information between general practices and community pharmacies. NZePS rollout to general practices is starting to ramp up. Come and hear how NZePS can benefit your practice and your patients now and in the future.

Judy Eves

Judy has been with the Ministry of Health for seven years and her current role is Sector Portfolio Manager, Technology and Digital Services. Judy is leading the patient portal programme for the Ministry. She came to the Ministry from a management role with the Hawkes Bay District Health Board Information Services team.

Judy is a nurse by background and continues to work part time in a clinical role. She trained at Hawkes Bay District Health Board and has worked in a number of private and public sector roles including as a case manager for the Accredited Employer Programme for work related injuries.

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ACC eBusiness Workshop

Friday 9 September | 11.00pm

This session will  cover:

  • ACC General Happenings – Tania Briggs (10mins)
  • ACC eBusiness offerings for providers such as self-service options on the ACC Electronic Business Gateway, sending of notes and reports via Healthlink to ACC, latest version of eACC45 Claim Lodgement Form, online eACC18, eSchedule for electronic invoicing (linked to PMS). We are also keen to hear about your feedback on useful high priority self-service options. (30 mins)
  • ACC's relationship with PMS vendors, Healthlink and BPAC.
  • Questions & Answers (15 mins)

  • ACC - Tania Briggs.pdf

    Kindly brought to you by ACC


    Lai Leng Tukua

    Lai Leng Tukua has been with ACC for over 20 years in a number of different roles involving invoicing, system administration of a core ACC system, development of various electronic forms and applications.  She has seen many changes in and outside of ACC affecting providers.  Her most recent role reports to Tania Briggs of Manager of Provider Services Centre as eBusiness Development Manager and focussed on the ACC32 form, replacing a legacy system from Australia and secure messaging.  

    Lai Leng works closely with the Provider eBusiness Support team, Practice Management System vendors, Healthlink and BPAC.  She has managed numerous ACC pilots and acquired practical experience of the workings within private/public hospitals, large and small practices to help facilitate positive system changes.   

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     Update on Foundation Standard and CORNERSTONE®

    Friday 9 September | 11.00pm

    There are two standards for general practice in New Zealand offered by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (the College), the Foundation Standard and Aiming for Excellence (which is assessed by the CORNERSTONE® programme). Most practices will be now be engaged with these.

    This workshop will look at these standards and explore:
  • Introduction to the RNZCGP quality standards
  • What is the difference between Foundation and CORNERSTONE®?
  • How are the standards assessed?
  • How do I do a self-assessment?
  • Update on new Aiming for Excellence
  • How will practices move onto the new standard?

  • Kindly brought to you by The Royal New Zealand College Of General Practitioners

     Alana Clark

    Alana is Advisor Quality Standards for The Royal College of General Practitioners. With a background in psychology, health and education, she came to the College with a keen interest in health quality having been part of setting up a residential care facility for people with high and complex needs.

    As part of her role at the College she maintains the two RNZCGP standards, Foundation Standard and Aiming for Excellence, and also works with the sector to develop guidance to help practices meet the standards.

     Kate Wang

    Kate Wang recently joined the College as General Manager Quality. Kate has more than 20 years' experience working in the health sector, with a career that includes a range of clinical, corporate and governance roles. She comes to the College from Wellington Free Ambulance where she was Executive Director of Clinical Services.

    Kate brings with her an in-depth understanding of standards, best practice and quality frameworks. 


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    Lean Practices

    Friday 9 September | 12.00pm

    An overview of Lean principles and how it applies to Healthcare and Practice Management

  • Identify and reduce double handling, waiting, errors (re-work), over-processing, etc.
  • Organise your workplace and make it visual
  • Examples of benefits of a Lean Practice to team members and patients
  • Practical tips to make it work for your practice

  • Kindly brought to you by Kaizen Institute New Zealand 

    Danie Vermeulen

    Danie has more than 25 year's management and consulting experience in several industries. After completing his M.Com he joined Ernst & Young Management Consulting in South Africa for three years and four years at Ernst & Young's  Wellington office after immigrating to New Zealand with his family 20 years ago. At Ernst & Young Danie specialised in Business Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management and Strategy. 

    Danie worked at Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products and new ventures for three years before joining Kaizen® Institute New Zealand in 2005 as CEO and Managing Director. Since joining Kaizen® Institute, he has supported many organisations in the Service, Manufacturing and Logistics industries with their Lean Transformation. 

    Danie's current and recent clients are from Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Philippines and Thailand.

    Danie has participated and led several Kaizen study tours to Japan.

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    Using Digital Marketing Within Your Practice - What to consider and what to ignore

    Friday 9 September | 12.00pm

    Digital Marketing is certainly an exciting and dynamic topic for businesses worldwide. The only thing that matters however is what is relevant to your practice. Come a learn some simple and affordable ways to be smarter in your digital marketing and communication including:
  • How the digital world and physical world can integrate well - for the betterment of clients
  • What you can do to improve how new and existing clients find you online
  • How to use new digital marketing tactics like remarketing, mobile marketing even augmented reality
  • Customer relationship management and enhancing the customer experience (called CX)
  • the 3 second website rule and what to do about it

  • Kindly brought to you by THE Marketing Company

    Ambrose Blowfield

    Ambrose Blowfield is Australasia's leading trainer and speaker in marketing, sales and business networking. Ambrose has both academic and experience based knowledge from working at several leading international companies in six countries across three continents, including global consumer goods giant, Proctor & Gamble.

    Ambrose is a dynamic, passionate and professional trainer and speaker who is energized about training and facilitating. Ambrose has been a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand for the past 10 years, which is in keeping with his philosophy of giving back and helping businesses grow.
    Digital Marketing - Ambrose Blowfield.pdf

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    Health & Safety & Employment – The Legislation & Beyond

    Friday 9 September | 12.00pm

    Legislation and the compliance costs and activities associated with it can be overwhelming. Do you loath it or embrace it? Kim Daji, experienced HR practitioner, gives an overview of the key legislation that you need to be aware of, including the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Employment Relations Act updated in April this year. 

    Then taking you beyond compliance, using compelling research and case studies, Kim will show you the positive impact that embracing and moving beyond legislation can have for your practice. You will come away with practical, cost effective ideas and resources to help you take your practice beyond compliance.  

    Legislation and beyond - Kim Daji.pdf

    Kindly brought to you by William Buck Christmas Gouwland 

    Kim Daji

    Kim Daji has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, working with  companies as diverse as Fletcher Challenge Forests, Goodman Fielder and GlaxoSmithKline before moving into professional services.

    Kim is HR Manager for William Buck Christmas Gouwland, New Zealand's most healthcare-focussed chartered accounting firm. In this role, Kim is responsible for developing and guiding the HR initiatives and practices that support critical business objectives and create a unique environment where talented people can, and are motivated to, do their best work.

    Kim's passion is in using her knowledge of people, leadership and business, to positively impact culture and performance of individuals, teams and businesses as a whole. 
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     IT Session

    Friday 9 September |12.00pm

    Sanjeewa Samaraweera

    Sanjeewa is the Chief Architect of the of the ManageMyHealth Suite of Products including Patient Portal, Shared Electronic Health Record (SEHR) platform, National Patient Vitals Portal, Patient Contact Centre and Kiosk.

    Sanjeewa is an experienced professional with a wealth of experience in formulating and implementing business strategies, managing projects and programmes, delivering large-scale information systems implementations, delivering complex integrated technology solutions, managing client and vendor relationships, managing strategic alliances and managing diverse teams and people.

    Prior to Medtech, Sanjeewa was a Principal Consultant with the PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Division and Solutions Director across Asia Pacific for Unisys. Sanjeewa has being involved in every aspect of business transformation projects and has a very strong background in organisational change, business processes, best practices and enabling technologies and is able to formulate and implement ICT strategies, from strategy to execution that deliver sustainable results. 
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    A View from HDC – Why do People Complain?

    Saturday 10 September | 11.00am 

    The purpose and overriding strategic intent of HDC is to promote and protect the rights of consumers as set out in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights (the Code). There are three main strategic objectives that feed into this priority: to resolve complaints; to improve quality within the health and disability sectors and to appropriately hold providers to account.

    This presentation provides an overview of the complaints received by HDC with a particular focus on primary care, what the complaints tend to be about, and how they are resolved. HDC continues to focus on empowering providers to better deal with complaints themselves. There will be a selection of case studies to highlight the issues people are concerned about and the learnings we can take from them.

    Health and Disability Refresher - Rose Wall.pdf


    Rose Wall

    Rose was appointed HDC's Deputy Commissioner, Disability in August 2013. A nurse by training, Rose has been involved in the public health system most of her working career. She has had over fifteen years of senior management experience in a wide range of capacities which has given her a broad insight into the Health and Disability sectors, including service quality, government strategy, and the regulatory, & operational areas of Health and 
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    Introducing Sign Language to You

    Saturday 10 September | 11.00am

    In the first 30 minutes, you will have an insightful mini-presentation from Victoria Lessing about a cultural and linguistic community who use New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in their everyday lives as their preferred language, including a brief outline of the differences between hearing-impaired and culturally Deaf people. Then, for the remaining half-hour, you all will be invited to join Victoria and two other experienced Deaf women, Rachel Walker and Julie-Anne Taylor, to learn practical NZSL phrases related to a health setting. This session is an opportunity not to be missed!

    Deaf Awareness - Victoria Lessing.pdf

    *Please note this friendly reminder to switch off your voice during the NZSL session.

    Victoria Lessing (Deaf)

    Victoria is an inspirational Deaf leader and qualified NZSL Teacher. She is the founder of an NZSL Adult Education programme, with over 200 people learning NZSL and Deaf culture at Auckland Deaf Society. In her role as NZSL Development Specialist, she is leading specialised courses such as NZSL for Families and NZSL in the Community (for businesses, private groups, organisations).
    Victoria has been heavily involved in delivering Deaf Awareness presentations, courses and classes to the public since 2004. She knows 5 different languages but her passion is teaching sign language to the community. In addition to teaching NZSL, Victoria is involved in a team to develop an NZSL Teaching Curriculum and other teaching materials for all NZSL teachers/tutors nationwide to deliver NZSL Community Education classes, as well as facilitating NZSL tutor-training programmes. Her ultimate goal is to foster a new generation of Deaf leaders in the teaching-NZSL community, and for NZSL to become widely accepted in our country.

    Rachel Walker (Deaf)

    Currently, Rachel works for Auckland Deaf Society and teaches NZSL classes from Beginners through to Advanced level. She has been teaching since 2001, and graduated with a Certificate in Deaf Studies from Victoria University of Wellington in 2002.

    Rachel strongly believes in the importance of promoting NZSL: communication only gets better, separation decreases, understanding of Deaf Culture increases and people discover the unique beauty of New Zealand Sign language. In this way a bridge can be built so that Deaf and hearing people can enjoy the great benefits of good communication with each other.

    Julie-Anne Taylor (Deaf)

    Julie-Anne has worked for Auckland Deaf Society for many years as Events Co-ordinator, and she is actively involved with other Deaf social and recreational groups like Deaf Sports. Skilled in communicating effectively with internal and external customers, she has recently started facilitating community presentations and workshops about Deaf Awareness and NZSL.

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    Customer Service with a Cross-Cultural Focus

    Saturday 10 September | 11.00am & 12.00pm (repeats)

    Health clinics are often the first point at which refugees and migrants encounter the New Zealand health system. A good experience can lead to an ongoing relationship.

    Our session explores the challenges facing frontline staff when interacting with refugees & migrants.

    We will explore:

    • What to prioritize when discussing how the NZ health system works with a refugee or migrant
    • Behaviors which can unintentionally alienate a refugee or migrant
    • Implications of clients/patients whose health model differs from a western bio-medical model
    • Assisting refugees with a trauma history

    Number limited to 30 people 

    Customer service - Vanessa Valentine.pdf

    Vanesa Valentine

    I have been delivering Customer Service training with a Cross-Cultural Focus for ADHB & WDHB since 2009.

    In addition I have been tailoring Communication & Leadership Skills training for a wide variety of clients in the Health sector since 2005. I am an external supervisor (DAPAANZ), a Role Trainer (AANZ Psychodrama Assn), a Registered Nurse, and hold a certificate in Training & HR (University of Auckland). 

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    Using Patient Experience of Care Information to Improve Quality

    Saturday 10 September | 11.00am

    Measuring patient experience is important not only to guide service improvement, but also because patient's experiences of care are linked to clinical effectiveness and cost of care for a wide range of conditions.  This supports the case for including patient experience as one of the central pillars of quality in health care.

    The primary care patient experience survey (PES) is being developed by the HQSC as an on-line survey.  It will enable patients to have a voice and health teams that care for them can hear it through a direct and timely link.  The PES looks at a patient's experience of the whole health care system using general practice as a window.  It focuses on the coordination and integration of care, rather than just the last visit to the practice.

    This presentation will explore the science behind the PES questions and methodology, what has been learnt during the PES pilot, the relationship between PES and the National Enrolment Service, the information that will be available at both PHO and practice level and how a practice could utilise PES information in service and quality improvement planning.

    Fiona Thomson

    CEO, General Practice NZ
    Chair, Primary Care PES Governance Group
    Member, General Practice Leaders' Forum

    Fiona has a background in accounting, financial services and information systems.  Industries she has worked in include finance, pulp and timber, meat processing, local government and primary health care.

    Fiona was managing regulatory information systems within local government when her GP asked if she would develop an information platform for the Rotorua General Practice Group.  She went on to become the CEO of that organisation and is now the CEO of the national primary care network membership organisation, General Practice NZ.

    Fiona has a particular interest in the information platforms underpinning clinical service delivery and integrated care.  She has been influential in the development of the Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework and the National Enrolment Service in NZ.  She was a founding Director of Patients First Ltd, the NZ quality and information programme for integrated care and chairs the NZ primary care Patient Experience Survey governance group.

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    Leadership and Courage – do these two words fit in the same sentence?

    Saturday 10 September | 11.00am

    Marion's first of two sessions for today offers something for everyone who is interested in making a difference in their work and life.  Marion will have us thinking about how we can learn to be courageous when needed in our roles and when dealing with challenges that arise in our day to day lives.

    Take away messages for people working in leadership and/or management roles will include planning strategies to empower and build courage internally when needing to address challenges, some more challenging than others! Marion's unique facilitation style will have us looking at 'courage' and how we can build this strength within ourselves, so we feel able to approach life a little differently.

    Our receptionists, administration and front line team members won't miss out either as leadership, courage and good communication is required of us all.  We all have it within us to learn how to communicate more effectively.  When we get it right, it shows and people notice!

    This session promises an opportunity to take away with you lots of hints, tips and notes!  One hour of your time, don't miss this one!  


    Marion McKay

    Marion loves her many New Zealand 'cousins' and can't wait to get across the ditch to be part of two days celebrating diversity!  

    Based in Adelaide, South Australia Marion is well known to many Practice Managers and Healthcare Organisations nationally through her facilitation of effective people skill based workshops and her work, of some 40 years and counting in healthcare. 

     For several years she has honed her skills in people leadership, systems, planning and organisational behavioural change and works independently offering skills in both Human Resource Management and Community Counselling.  

    Passion could be Marion's second name as everything she does starts with a passion for making a difference; a passion for working with community; a passion to further educate and empower others to be the very best they can be.  

    Marion is a goal setter and for PMAANZ her goal is to bring to Auckland her own special 'flavour' to lead our teams in support of great service.  PMAANZ didn't need to invite Marion, she invited herself!

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    Workplace harassment and bullying

    Saturday 10 September | 12.00pm

    Incompatibility, rudeness, disrespect, generational differences, harassment, bullying . . . you can describe it in multiple ways. Dealing with the issues when staff don't get on is a nightmare for us all at some point in our careers.

    This workshop will focus on how to:
    1) provide a working environment in which employees feel safe to raise concerns
    2) encourage bystanders to take action and address bullying or harassment
    3) establish a responsive complaints procedure that promotes confidence that complaints will be handled appropriately
    4) recognise that behavioural competence is just as important as clinical competence in appointments, accreditation and performance assessment

    Workplace harassment and bullying - Chris Wills.pdf

    Kindly brought to you by Medical Assurance Society

    Presented by Chris Wills

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    Maori Wheako = Maori Experience

    Saturday 10 September | 12.00pm

    The session will consist of learning a few Maori words, a traditional Maori game icebreaker and a Maori Waiata.

    Maori game - Elizabeth Motu.pdf

    Elizabeth Motu

    Elizabeth works at He Oranga Poutama as a facilitator in Teaching Maori fundamental movement skills used in Kohanga/Puna Reo Setting, using traditional techniques of our tipuna.

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    The Business of People – have we got this right when it comes to service? 

    Saturday 10 September | 12.00pm

    As healthcare support teams we work in businesses that is all about people.  Our roles and how well we do what we do, are very much part of the business of people.  Both individually and being part of a collaborative team, we have the ability to make a big difference to the lives of our patients and all who attend our practice.  When they are unwell or facing daily struggles relating to their health and wellbeing, we can make a difference and this difference can be big! 

    We have policies and procedures for just about everything eg: meeting patient needs; standards of care; codes of conduct; customer service guidelines to highlight a few.  Let's explore what the patient's experience might be like when they attend our practices and what sometimes gets in the way of great customer service.

    Marion will take the lead in having us all really think about people, their differences, diversity and their expectations.   Exploring mindsets and habits we get into that can impact on our care and service; keeping a check on ourselves at work and at play; looking a little differently at how we do what we do; experiences patients have, both good and not so good.  A question to ponder: what is it we could be doing to be the best we can be in offering the very best service possible?

    Sit tight and get ready to be a recipient of Marion's infectious view of being the best you can be when it comes to the 'business of people!'

    Presented by Marion McKay

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    Privacy Health Check: A privacy refresher for health agencies

    Saturday 10 September | 12.00pm

    • What is privacy, and why is it important?
    • Health Information Privacy Code rules at a glance
    • Sharing patient information: Who has a right to what?
    • Information security and data breach management
    • The consequences of a privacy breach
    • Recent health privacy case studies
    • Upcoming privacy law reform

    Privacy Healthcheck -Daimhin Warner.pdf

    Daimhin Warner

    Daimhin is Auckland Director of consultancy firm Simply Privacy. He is a privacy professional with 9 years experience in both the public and private sector. Daimhin worked with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for 7 years, between 2007 and 2014, most recently managing the Commissioner's Auckland Investigations Team. Daimhin then moved into the private sector, taking up a position as Privacy Officer for Sovereign Insurance. In this role, Daimhin provided operational and strategic privacy advice to all parts of the business, and developed and executed a privacy strategy and programme of work for the company. 

    Daimhin holds an LLB from Edinburgh University and an LLM (Hons) in Public Law from the University of Auckland. Daimhin maintains a strong privacy network, is on the NZ Subcommittee for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) ANZ, and is an active member of the Auckland Privacy Officers' Roundtable (PORT).

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