Movement Disorder Fellowships

ANZAN advanced trainees interested in enquiring about Movement Disorder Fellowship opportunities in 2022 are encouraged to contact the following people regarding fellowships available in their units. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and names will be added as the MDSANZ Executive are notified of other MD fellowship opportunities.

WEHI/RMH MACH - Track Parkinson’s Disease clinician-researcher
An exciting opportunity exists for a neurology specialist to undertake PhD research into Parkinson’s Disease. The research will investigate the molecular and cellular drivers of Parkinson’s disease in a collaborative project between the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and the Royal Melbourne Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic.
MACH-Track is a structured, mentored and fully-funded career development program for exceptional research-minded doctors, undertaking vocational training in accredited hospital specialties, general practice and public health.
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Contact: Dr Andrew Evans or A/Prof Grant Dewson
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Prince of Wales Hospital /Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)

The Nick Blair Movement Disorder Fellowship.

An exciting opportunity exists for a neurology specialist or trainee to undertake further PhD related research studies (either clinical, molecular or a combination of the two) at Neuroscience Research Australia (Randwick, Sydney). The successful applicant will work closely with Professor Carolyn Sue and will have opportunities to engage with the research activities undertaken at Cambridge University under the supervision of Professor Roger Barker. The position provides an exceptional experience and opportunities to participate in both clinical research (including clinical trials) or (if desired) translational laboratory based research. Career development of the successful candidate in the field of movement disorders is a specific goal of the fellowship. It could also be accredited as an elective year for the Neurology Advanced Training program.

Contact: Professor Carolyn Sue

Alfred Hospital, Melbourne
Contact: Dr Kelly Bertram

Princess Alexandra Hospital
Fellowship in movement disorders and Functional Neurological Disorders
Contact: Dr Alexander Lehn

Royal Adelaide Hospital
Contact: A/Prof Thomas Kimber

Royal Brisbane Hospital
Contact: Dr Rob Adam

St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney
Contact: A/Prof Stephen Tisch